02.10.23 - An Update from Ukraine

Our precious friends, greetings.
It is 352nd day of the war in Ukraine. We are quickly approaching one year of this most horrible since the end of the 2nd World War 78 years ago war in Europe.
Two hours ago, at 8.29 a.m. sirens worked and now the entire country of Ukraine is under massive missile attack. Dozens of explosions already, more missiles in the air. Blackouts in many locations right now. Our four kids and I are in our house’ basement right now. Yet another day without school. Olya and Victoria are in our church. There was planned yet another meeting with IDPs later today. We are not sure if it will take place since it may take hours before the end of air alarm.
Another disturbing news. Russia is getting ready for yet another major attack of Ukraine by regular army. In fact, they have more soldiers and ammunition than a year ago. Thankfully, Ukrainian army is much stronger now.
OUR FAMILY. WE ARE OK. Sitting in the basement for hours is not fun, but our circumstances are much better than millions of Ukrainians have these days. We have food and it is warm in our house.
CHURCH AND MINISTRY. There is so much tragedy around us. (RIGHT NOW – 10.41 a.m. – Two missiles are approaching the city of L’viv right now – their route will be just above our location where we are now. There will be explosions soon.) These missiles crossed above countries of Moldova and Romania.
So, many opportunities to serve. We continue: to serve the widows and orphans of the war (have fellowship with them, help with repair of their housing, invite their kids to church youth and teens activities). We continue to serve wounded soldiers. We continue to help IDPs.
When they come to church activities, they come with empty plastic bags, and they take all leftovers because they jost cannot afford to purchase candies or cookies.
Missiles are only 40 kilometers (25 miles) away. I will try to send this Email before explosions (and possible blackouts)
I will write more soon.
From: Yaroslav Nazarkevych  
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2023 5:53 AM
Subject: 352nd day of the war - CONTINUATION
… in 2-3 minutes after I had sent you my previous letter, we (staying in our basement) had heard 2 loud explosions. Neighbor’s dogs began to bark… Thankfully, 2 russian missiles were shut down somewhere nearby. Also, in the town of Zolochiv, which is about 50 km / 30 miles from Lviv a missile has fallen near a bus station but did not explode. To God be the glory. Thank you for your prayers. Situation in three parts of Ukraine is no good due to this attack.
       6 minutes ago, new air alarm soun… No news about missiles in the air yet… Hopefully, we have had enough of them today.
       There is very good news about ministry in the town of Mena (liberated territory, where our church serves through a small local church). A young couple that is serving with teens and youth there, does a great job. With your help, they were able to set places for teaching trades. I hope I can find some of the most recent photos. Taking young people out of bad companies, teaching them trades, teaching them about the Gospel – it is so wonderful.
       Serving widows is hard. But they slowly open their hearts and their pains. Olya (my wife) regularly visits wounded soldiers in a hospital and serves IDPs (older ladies). They really love that “mom of seven children”. Our volunteers continue to make masking next (on the photo with 22nd such net). Our nurses pack medicine kits for soldiers. There were 10 IDPs’ children in our winter teens’ camp and 4 IDPs’ youth in our youth camp. Number of them decided to follow Jesus. With a designated donation from some of you, we were able to order 420 sets of thermal underwear (from a local business), which we distribute to needy people. We have also got some  other clothing for the needy. When possible, we use humanitarian aid (clothing and food). But, when it is not available, we have to purchase it. We pack and distribute "future mama's boxes" for IDP and / or poor families.
       I still have many things to accomplish today. So, I end this letter. I didn't plan it to be disrupted by a lengthy air alarm. But we are all fine. To God be the glory. We go back to our duties.
       Friends, we would not be able to do these things without your prayers and your financial support. THANK YOU!!
       We are always glad to hear from you.
       Yaroslav (Slavic) and Olya
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